FACEBOOK … the ultimate Johari Window

I am always amused when I happen to be engaged in discussions surrounding the information that people reveal about themselves on Facebook.  The question usually surfaces “if they are having such a good time, how is it that they can still manage to take so many photos?” or “do we have to know everything that they do?  If the inhale they post, if they exhale they post.”

Well the Johari Window Concept refers, I make no apologies for my simplicity here, to the four panes of our lives:


The “general idea” is that as we share more of ourselves with others and bring more knowledge of ourselves into the Open Pane, people will get to know us better and our relationships will improve.  So in what I consider a manner filled with humorous undertones, those who choose to reveal themselves via ball by ball commentaries and occasional exposes are in fact living out in part, what Joseph Luft and Harry Ingham have suggested. 

I think that to the extent that the readers, who I expect are “friends” really listen attentively to what the postings say, the Posters (those who post the statuses) are indeed by self-disclosure, opening themselves and others to a better understanding of why they do what they do.  Each status post delivers a resounding message as to what individuals are experiencing weaving a web that if examined closely discloses who they really are.  I think it provides friends with the opportunity to be more supportive of each other.  Unfortunately I would guess from the discussions, the readers are too “busy” to hear the real message or are just plain and simply not interested.

Recruiters on the other hand are discovering a gold mine for assessing potential employees, much to the chagrin of some.

Ultimately I suggest that Posters be mindful of what they post, to ensure that the outcome of their postings is what they really desire and Friends, explore more closely what is posted, it may indeed be a well disguised cry for genuine help.

Since the start of 2014, I have been running a series of statuses “When Doors Open …”, I wonder how that impacts my Open Window Pane???

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