September 1st 2014

Uni2014 is almost over. A year that has seen an increase in brutality and deaths worldwide. Where have all the hearts and souls on which we rely for compassion and empathy gone? Our leaders appear to have issues with integrity, trust is no longer a touted word and the media is thriving on sensationalism, a word not to be confused with the reporting of facts.

Yet amidst it all, I feel a sense of inner peace. A comfort in knowing that even the longest day has an end. A comfort in knowing that as some seek to perpetuate darkness, equally persistent are those who diligently seek to reveal the light. A comfort in knowing that the night is darkest just before the dawn.

This of course is little or no solace for those who have lost loved ones through social warfare, heinous crimes and dreaded diseases.

But I celebrate September 1st with an awareness that as we seek societal transformation, there are those who recognise the need to make the shift from cerebral ego and power driven acquisition of knowledge and limitless desire to own people, places and things; to the full opening and engagement of their hearts. There are those who recognise the need to bring love into each of their relationships – family, workplace, acquaintances, strangers. There are those who realise that triumph will lie not in separation through diversity, but by unity in diversity. NAMASTE
unity in diversity 2unity1

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