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Emotional Intelligence In Ministry – An Interview With Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon 5 May 2020
We take “Time Out” not because we have time to spare, but because we realise that it is critical for performing at our fullest potential

Our Time Out Approach is integrated into all standard organisation development interventions (Strategic Planning, Teambuilding, Leadership Development, Change Management) and are customised to meet the specific needs of our client’s culture.

time out programmes – corporate

  1. Creating An Organisation of Lived Values
  2. Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) in Effective
    Performance Management
  3. Building High Performing High Performance Teams
  4. Building Competency in Change Management Teams
  5. Stress Management
  6. Conversational Intelligence® in Managing Conflict
  7. Spirituality and Leadership
  8. From Ego to Higher Self
  9. Enhancing Sales through Emotional Intelligence
  10. Self Awareness, Self Management and Leadership

Time Out Programmes – faith based

Judy’s passion for working with faith based organisations emerged during her introduction to Christian Meditation practice and parallel certification as an Organisation Development Facilitator.  It stemmed from her own unease in integrating spirituality in all dimensions of her life.  As this unease diminished, her fervour for working with others in achieving the same soared.

  1. Towards Living Authentic Community … building effective leaders
  2. Emotional Intelligence and Spirituality in Formation
  3. Emotional Intelligence In Ministry
  4. Leading and Listening In Ministry
  5. Creating Communities of Lived Values
  6. Facilitation of Annual Clergy Retreats
  7. Self Care and Self Management In Ministry
  8. Building Trusting Relationships

intervention formats

Individual in-person and Online Coaching

Online and in-person Residential and Non-Residential workshops

Online and in-person Retreats – an opportunity to Reflect, Reframe, Refocus, Rejuvenate

A few years ago I had the opportunity of experiencing one of Judy’s Time Out Retreats

At the end of this retreat , I knew myself more, I became aware of the positive practices that were working for me, the practices that were not and I felt empowered to move towards the new goals that were set before me. This Retreat is a life changing opportunity that no one should miss.

Elicia Belcon, Business Executive

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