Time Out

You definitely are if you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Is your high performance team delivering at less than their fullest potential?
  • Are they strong on technical skills, but cause you to pause before commenting on their interpersonal skills?
  • Are you and your team challenged by coping with the stress of operating in a VUCA [Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous] environment?
  • Are you and your team struggling with conflict management?
  • Are you dissatisfied with your team’s delegation and collaboration skills?
  • Do you and the people in your workplace demonstrate adequate Emotional Intelligence?
  • Is there dissonance between what people KNOW, who they ARE and what they DO?
  • Are traditional solutions failing to provide the results you desire?
  • ARE YOU CENTERED and making decisions that are aligned with your organisation’s values?


I am Judy Joseph Mc Sween.

I started off as an Industrial Chemist and then transitioned into Consulting.

As I worked within organizations I found that even when you had well documented policies and procedures, business success was determined by the quality of the relationships of those involved.

Most organizations struggled with managing difficult relationships.

I started examining ‘the why’ of personal behavior and my own behavior, exploring for example, what helped me transcend ruts and obstacles. I applied what I learned in actual conflict situations and gradually those I worked with started to trust me in solving people related issues.

What I found was that when things fell apart, a time out allowed me to quickly get to the core issue and restore equilibrium in record time.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

The time I spent with Judy, has made me re-think how I manage my time, conversations with colleagues, and even how I “relax” with my family and friends. From a former non-believer, I think this is a very useful tool and I found Judy to be a very good facilitator

— Johnny C Taylor, CEO

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

My management team and I found it a pleasure working with you as you assisted our Institution in the process of “Defining The CREDI Culture.”

Through your guided meditation sessions we were able to integrate our spiritual and professional lives.

— Dr Joycelyn Rampersad, President


frequently asked questions

How can I help you?

A combination of speed and depth is what excites people.

Based on meditation, mindfulness presence and becoming fully intelligent the time spent in reflection and introspection, surfaces a depth of self discovery, awareness and learning that our technology driven environment does not give us time to process.  The insights received during your Time Out will lend clarity to issues you encounter in your personal and professional life.

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Why should it matter?

When you participate in the process you will find that your Time Out Experience brings with it a more simplified and stress free life.

You will think clearer, and find that having challenging conversations, will no longer stress you out.

Additionally, you will find that you are better able to cope with uncertainty.

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What happens if you do nothing?

Relationship conflicts will be the norm for you but the most conflicted relationship you will have is the one you have with yourself.

You will continue to be stressed, your productivity will wane, and you will find that your ability to achieve your goals will decline. You won’t think and act clearly and your decision making would be severely flawed. Recognize that you can grow in any Time Out moment with intention and commitment and doing it on a sustained basis.

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I work with high performing organizations & Religious communities

The main focus is in developing the fully intelligent leader through the four critical intelligences for leadership success:

Sample of clients who have benefitted from the Time out process

There are times in our lives, when our inner being needs the space to hear and receive the answers that are already there. Judy has the unique ability to enquire, challenge and re-position your stance in a non threatening, empowering way. She guides along the path you design, respecting your role as steward over your life while allowing enlightenment to flourish. Thank you. Taking a Time Out was time very well spent.

Sonya Le Maitre, HR Consultant

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