from Industrial Chemist to time out specialist

Judy has developed the Time Out Suite of Corporate Interventions and Personal Transformation Experiences.

I am Judy Joseph Mc Sween and I am a Time Out Specialist. I have been a practitioner in this role for over 10 years.

As a Time Out Specialist I take my clients out of their busy work schedules and day to day routines, encouraging them to PAUSE, reflect and explore the impact of their personal behaviour patterns and that of those they lead, on the overall wellness in the workplace.

My work is grounded in Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence®, Mindful Meditation and the Frameworks Coaching Process.

MY vision…

Judy Joseph Mc Sween is a Certified Coach, specialising the areas of:

Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Conversational Intelligence® and the Frameworks Coaching Process. She is a trained Organisation Development Consultant and holds an MBA in Export Management and International Business and a BSc in Industrial Chemistry. Her theoretical background, 30 years of practical experience at executive level in the corporate sector and her highly intuitive skills, provide an exciting diverse resource as she engages her corporate and faith based clients in transformational experiences.

She is a Board Member and Trainer with the US based Center for Emotional Intelligence and Human Relations (EQHR) for faith based organisations and a Trainer and former board member at the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science USA.

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