In his article “The Lost Art of Introspection” Kevin Wood highlights the importance of becoming a self expert – The Lost Art of Introspection: Why You Must Master Yourself

He notes that of the 50,000 thoughts we have each day, over half are negative and over 90% are just repeating from the day before, leaving little room for growth and change.  In our current culture of DOING, our actions tend to stem from conditioned responses, which may not necessarily be aligned with who we are and our defined purpose.

Wood recommends that if we are to “break free from this societal conditioning”, we need to “create a quiet space” to spend time in self-reflection and cultivating self knowledge.  “Introspection and reflection are all about getting to know yourself at the core, uncovering your values and then deciding for yourself what’s the best action to take. You take the power away from the way you’ve been conditioned, away from the systems that try to hold you in place and bring your focus of control back to where it belongs, within you.”

David Sze highlights some of the challenges of introspection  which I capture in the phrase “the ability to think expansively”.  A facilitated introspection can support the individual in going beyond and engaging in expansive thinking.

I think that a critical component is establishing the INTENT of your introspection. Introspection should be viewed as an opportunity to gain self knowledge that can be used to bringing one’s best self into being.  If this is to be achieved, it must be accompanied by (i) an OPENNESS to the insights received and expansive thoughts (ii) a willingness to SURRENDER and let go of what is not self serving  (iii) a willingness toTRANSFORM through embracing the new self knowledge and bringing into being and doing what should be.

Email me at for details of how our Time Out Personal and Corporate Interventions can take you through and beyond introspection … transitioning Knowing to Being and Doing.

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