Time Out – In Search of An Expert Optometrist

carnival 2013The best decision making is undertaken with a combination of 20:20 vision plus intuition.  While there may be many who claim not to have 20:20 vision, this is easily rectified through the use of spectacles, laser surgery and seeing through the eyes of another.  The precursor of course is that the individual has to acknowledge that they do not have the full picture.

As the country takes to the streets for the carnival celebrations, I continue to reflect on the results of two major competitions held – the King and Queen of the Carnival Bands and the Power Soca Monarch Competition., in which there was a tie for first place in both the King of the Bands and Power Soca Monarch.  These to kings/mornarchs, and moreso the Soca Monarch have the opportunity to be ambassadors for Trinidad and Tobago throughout the world.

What does the decision not to identify a clear cut inner reflect?

–       Indecisiveness on the part of the judges

–       Lack of pre-event guidelines on how to manage ties

–       Inability to reach an in the moment consensus on how to break the tie?  In the case of the King of the Band, whatever method that was used to break the tie in 2012, was obviously discarded this year

–       A sensitivity to the emotions of the crowd

–       The inability of the judges to separate their emotions from objectivity

What are the implications of this decision?

–       Further decisions will have to be made for upcoming appearances, do two appear, one appear, what is the criteria for selecting one over the other

–       The budget catered for future appearances for one king/monarch, we need to find funding for the second

–       What order are they introduced, so as for one not to appear preferred over the other

Suppose this was a Miss Universe or Miss World competition or a Presidential election, would the need to break the tie been given more forethought?  As I continue to ponder this dilemma, the masses have taken to the streets, not to celebrate the tie, but rather to free themselves of stress.  See you all Ash Wednesday when life returns to normalcy and we all have to ponder more closely on the implications of our choices. Judy Joseph Mc Sween is CEO/Business Intuitive Meredith McSween International and Developer of Time Out Corporate and Personal Interventions which incorporates meditative practice and use of intuition into traditional organisational development theory and practice.  Contact judy@meredithmcsween.com or 684 9827 

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