Time Out …………. Being Fully Present

Like most individuals, as 2011 drew to a close, I took Time Out to reflect on the year gone by and my accomplishments. Most significant for me was the realisation of my dream to collaborate with the NTL Institute of Applied Behavioural Science, to bring their programmes to Trinidad. And as if that was not enough, the other part of the dream which was to be accepted as a Member of this prestigious organisation, was realised just mere days before year end.

The two events reinforced for me the importance of sharing your dreams if they are in fact to shift from dream to reality.
I shared this success with a friend and her first question to me was “what does it mean to be a member of NTL?” I muttered a response and as I did so, I realised that I was not ready to be taken into the future of the full implications of my NTL Membership. I just wanted to bask in the joy of the achievement – to be in the present moment.

How similar is this to what occurs in our corporate environments? How often do we really take time to celebrate our victories, no matter how seemingly small they may appear to be, before moving onto the next task or project?

Take a Time Out to reflect on your organisation – what you achieved in 2011, how you achieved it, how you felt, how you can duplicate that success in other areas. Celebrate!!!

On behalf of MMI, I extend to all my blog followers an abundance of good health, wealth and prosperity in 2012.

Time Out …….. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task
Judy Joseph Mc Sween is the Business Intuitive/CEO of Meredith Mc Sween International – using Untapped Knowledge to facilitate internal transformation in individuals, teams and organisations. Contact Judy for information on her “Time Out Corporate Interventions” Email judy@meredithmcsween.com or call 684 9827

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