Time Out …. Growth

This morning as I took my Time Out to allow my best thoughts to surface, among the “supernatants” was the whole concept of growth. And as I reflected on growth in all its different forms, there was one common thread – surrender.

If we begin in simplicity,
– As a child grows into an adult, he loses his baby teeth to acquire permanent teeth
– As a seed grows into a tree, the embryo breaks out of the seed, destroying the outer seed coat
– As a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it must relieve itself of its protective cocoon
– As an economy grows, environmental issues and inflation become a reality

In essence, “if we’re growing, we will always be out of our comfort zone” John Maxwell.

As our business grows, what are some of the things that we as leaders MUST surrender??? My knee jerk reaction was control, outdated leadership styles, employees.

What were the first three “surrenders” that came to your mind? How prepared are you to “surrender” any or all of these? Take a Time Out and see what surfaces.

Time Out …….. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task

Judy Joseph Mc Sween is the Business Intuitive/CEO of Meredith Mc Sween International – using Untapped Knowledge to facilitate internal transformation in individuals, teams and organisations. Contact Judy for information on her “Time Out Corporate Interventions” Email judy@meredithmcsween.com or call 684 9827

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