Time Out ……. Rest Relax Rejuvenate

Do you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around you and inside you?
Are you feeling that amidst everything you have, there is still something missing?
Do you feel as if you are operating at below what you are truly capable of?
Do you feel as if you’re at a crossroad and not sure which path to take?

Then this two day residential rejuvenation period is for you. Join us for our TIME OUT.

Accommodation is ideally set in a 22 acre area in San Rafael isolated from traffic, on the edge of the tropical rainforest. There are four lakeside cottages each with two air-conditioned bedrooms with double beds, a swimming pool and nature trails. Choose dates, either September 9th to 11th or September 16th to 18th 2011.

Time Out – the intentional cessation of an incomplete task.

Contact judy@meredithmcsween.com for registration and further details.

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