Time Out ……… too much on my mind

Have you ever experienced a period, when there is so much going on in both your personal and professional life, that it appears impossible to focus on any one thing? Each time you sit, your mind is bombarded by one thought after another. As soon as you think that you have found the remedy to one issue, an issue in a completely unrelated area, wends its way to the forefront of your mind. Eventually you think that there is soooo much to do, that you really have no time to be sitting! For some of us, this leads to insomnia, sleepless nights.

And then there are some of us, who thrive on being busy. You can hear the pride in our voices, as we speak about how busy we are. At the root of that I guess is the equating of busy with wealth, so that if I am “really busy”, it means that I am raking in more money than you could ever imagine. For the listener, just hearing how much the person has to do is exhausting. The ultimate goal is to amass as much wealth as possible.

The challenge is that both scenarios are also accompanied by a sense that something is missing. Take a Time Out today, silence your ego chatter and see what emerges. Is all this business taking you towards the fulfilment of your ultimate Vision for yourself? You may well find that there are some activities you need to do less of or to stop doing and others you need to start.

Time out …………..the intentional cessation of an incomplete task.

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