Time Out ……….. about Stalkers

Many of you are familiar with my penchant for posting my reflections to Facebook on a daily basis. It is in fact for me a form of journalling. My time on Facebook is actually my pause in between chores, or office work when after a moment (s) of stillness, I pen whatever my meditations evoke. Well this week, I had a reflection, during a reflection – a Time Out during a Time Out 🙂

I was led into pondering on the impact of this enormous online community – a community in which individuals share their thoughts, their knowledge, some their lives and others who just STALK.

1. To follow or approach stealthily and quietly
2. To pursue persistently and sometimes attack
3. To search for prey

At first pass, my thoughts hovered on the menace of stalkers, but like a fluttering butterfly in search of joy and happiness, I moved on. It dawned on me, that even among stalkers there are “categories” – again the duality of life, the positive stalker and the negative stalker.

For the Positive Stalker, the ability to stalk individuals online, provides a much needed opportunity to fill the gaps in their lives, to experience the joys of life through the exploits of others, to obtain daily inspiration through the ramblings of others, to find peace.

My personal tag line is “Today I made a Difference”. Today I embrace all my positive stalkers and in that vein, I will seek to ensure that my postings continue to be humorous, inspiring and edifying.

Time Out …. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task allows us to identify learnings that emanate from our day to day experiences and determine how we can best apply them to current and future situations.

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