Time Out ….. Taking Risks and Sharing Dreams

Time Out …. I waivered between labelling this blog “Taking Risk”, and “Sharing Your Dreams”. The last week has been hectic and yet reflective. I had the opportunity to meet in person, someone I have been communicating with online for over a year now. How the online relationship began, I am yet to recall. Given my cautious nature, I rarely if ever engage in online conversations with individuals whom I have not met in person or been recommended to me by a friend. Yet this online relationship had evolved, fuelled by the beautiful poetry that emanated from the individual. I had obviously thrown caution to the wind.

Somewhere amidst it all, I gave voice to a dream I had and the individual responded – “Let’s Do It. I can make it happen”. And thus it was that a dream whose seed was sown in 2006, eventually came to life.

As I reflect on the transition from seed to full grown tree, I recognise that there are some key learnings in this experience. One was that as we seek to grow, there are times we must throw all caution to the wind and literally take a leap of faith. The other is that as leaders, if we are serious about making our dreams, organisational dreams come true, we must be prepared to share our dream with others, since the ability to bring the dream to life, does not lie solely within us.

Time Out ………. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task allows us to identify learnings that emanate from our day to day experiences and determine how we can best apply them to current and future situations. Have you had your Time Out for today?

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