TIME OUT – Reflections on a Time Out Experience

Every couple months, I take a small group of individuals to a nature resort for a Time Out.  The purpose of this retreat is to pull away from the madding crowd and commune with self and nature, as they seek clarity on specific issues in their personal or professional lives. The tranquility provides the ideal opportunity to tune into to the emerging insights.  My groups are always pleasantly amazed at the clarity with which they emerge.

After last weekend’s retreat, I reflected on the five participants, arriving as strangers and in just within 24 hours, being able to realise why they had been brought together.  They may never see each other in life again.

We are all pieces in this great jigsaw puzzle called LIFE. These five “strangers” came together to seek clarity in their lives. It was as if each person held the key to open the door that would release the other into FREEDOM. Thanks to their willingness and openness in sharing, these doors were indeed opened. It made me ponder on the people that we shut out of our lives. What piece of the jigsaw puzzle are they holding???

Judy Joseph Mc Sween is the Business Intuitive/CEO of Meredith Mc Sween International and Developer of the Time Out Suite of Corporate and Personal Interventions. To contact Judy for information on her “Time Out Online”, “Time Out 24 hour Personal Rejuvenators” and “Time Out Corporate Interventions” Email judy@meredithmcsween.com or call 868 684 9827


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