Time Out …………. Persistence Pays

Earlier this week a cartoon circulated on facebook. It portrayed a man chipping through rock to get to a catchment of diamonds – a tedious task no doubt. Eventually frustration must have gotten to him and he gave up. What his 20:20 vision did not allow him to see, was that he was a paper thin layer away from realising his dream.

I had a similar experience this weekend as I headed home from early morning exercise, dreaming of what my breakfast should look like. It meant that if I was to realise my dream breakfast, I needed to purchase some black pudding at 7.45am on a Saturday morning. I drove to the front of my favourite black pudding shop and I parked. Then the Sabboteur rested on my shoulder. “It’s not open” he said. “Look around, it’s 7.45am, nowhere else is open.”

I took a “Time Out” and asked myself did I really want black pudding for breakfast. The response was a resounding YES. In that moment, I knew I had to take ACTION. I refocused on the door and realised that the chain was open. I jumped out the car and ran to push the door. It yielded. My question to the somewhat surprised lady was can I get some black pudding now? “Yes.” She replied. I knew that in that moment I had asked the right question. Had I asked “Are you open?” Her response would have been “no” and I would have left without realising my dream much to my Sabboteur’s delight. The fact was she opened for business at 9.00am.

How many times have we failed to achieve our dreams because we did not take action, or did not think that the time was right or did not ask the question or just let our Sabboteur get the better of us?

Take a Time Out, reflect and choose an alternative approach to making your dream the reality it was meant to be.

Time Out …….. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task
Judy Joseph Mc Sween is the Business Intuitive/CEO of Meredith Mc Sween International – using Untapped Knowledge to facilitate internal transformation in individuals, teams and organisations. Contact Judy for information on her “Time Out Corporate Interventions” Email judy@meredithmcsween.com or call 684 9827

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