Time Out ………….The Enlightened Leader

In a recent interview that Forbes had with Dr Deepak Chopra he was asked – “If someone wanted to be a better, more enlightened leader today, what are the first steps?” His response:

“Look and listen. Take time to be quiet. Learn to use emotional intelligence to be in touch with your feelings and the feelings of others. Be aware by asking four questions: What am I observing? What am I feeling? What is the need? How do I fulfill the need? Be action-oriented. Good leaders are not philosophers. They are responsive to feedback and set goals. Be responsible for yourself. Get good sleep, exercise, don’t be stressed and eat wisely. If you are not physically or emotionally healthy, you are not going to be a good leader. Finally, understand what good luck is–preparedness and opportunity coming together. Good leaders look for opportunities instead of crises and problems.”

Historically, all great leaders have embraced the concept of taking “Time Out” as a means to achieving clarity, productivity and effectiveness. As leaders of organisations, do we encourage this practice among our leadership teams or do chronic deadlines take priority?

As we begin a new month, a new work week, the final quarter of the year and we commence our planning period for 2012, I encourage you to take a Time Out…….. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task and reflect on those four questions

 What have I observed?
 What am I feeling?
 What is the need?
 How do I fulfill the need?

Judy Joseph Mc Sween is the Principal Consultant/CEO of Meredith Mc Sween International – facilitating internal transformation in individuals, teams and organisations. Contact Judy for information on her “Time Out Corporate Interventions” Email judy@meredithmcsween.com or call 684 9827

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