Time Out ………….. making the impossible, possible

For as far back as I can recall, our home was always surrounded by security dogs, that neighbours, friends and strangers feared, but that I considered the most affectionate pets. One phenomenon that always amazed me was the ability of one particular Rottweiler to amble along the double barrier of chain link fence and suddenly he would stop and sniff the base of the fence. Inevitably, this signalled that he had found an escape route in the fence and if I wasn’t swift enough, he would wriggle his way through to whatever lay beyond. What distinguished this Rott from the other four Rotts in the yard? Why did the others believe that the perimeter of the fence was their limit?

The thing about it is, no matter how many times we paced the fence; we were unable to spot the opportunity that our Rott had the ability to discover. He made the seemingly impossible, possible.

As I took my Time Out today, I was drawn to the analogy between my Rott and high performance teams. What makes a high performance team plateau? What makes a team believe that it has given all it’s got to give? What is the opportunity that they are missing? The reality is our environment is dynamic and neither we as leaders nor those we lead can afford to be static.

I use Frameworks for Change to carry myself and teams to “beyond the limits of their possibility reality”. How do you motivate your teams to make the seemingly impossible, possible. Make this your Time Out reflection this week. The only way of going beyond the limits of the possible, is by going beyond them into the impossible

Time Out ……. the intentional cessation of an incomplete task.

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